Whispering of the Wind

Day of Cultural & Indigenous Storytelling

August the 1st - from 10:00 to 17:00 - Land van Een, Surhuizum

We live in a magical time. Great changes are happening in the world, and in us as well. We are being invited to stand firmly in our strength. To ground deeply, and at the same time, we are being invited to surrender to the plan that great spirit has for us all.

On the 1st of August we come together, to listen to the whisperings of the wind. We open us, to receive guidance and direction. We welcome you to become part of this day of ceremony, storytelling, wisdom keeping/sharing & healing of our self and our ancestors.

This day is provided by four speakers who will each represent one of the cardinal directions. 

‘Looking forward meeting you’, Sharon, Frederieke, Jan Pieter en Toroa

We offer you

A beautiful day at Land van Een, in the cosy landscape of Friesland, where you enjoy a full day of storytelling.
You will attend four workshops, a different subject with each one of us. Working in small groups there is time for interaction and questions. The ticket is including coffee, tea, fresh fruit-water and a healthy lunch.

Spreker Frederieke

North - The Spirit of Animals​

‘Connecting with the wheel of life through the spirit of animals’
by Frederieke van der Lijn

One of the greatest gifts of nature, of Mother Earth, is the understanding of the healing power of animals. On a personal level, and on a global level, through thousands of years, they show us over and over again where we stand. By connecting with animals as interpreters of the wheel of life, representing and symbolizing the four elements, we understand how they can guide us through our life path.

East - Cradle of the Gods

by Toroa Aperahama

Rangiatea, te Kohanga o te Atua/Rangiatea is the Cradle of the Gods ...the 100,000 Galaxies.  

Te Ikaroa/The Milky Way is our Galaxy.  

The journey from Rangiatea to Mū, the continent of the Pacific...and so begins...the Story of Mū...

South - Forgotten history of the Frisians

by Jan Pieter Schreur​

Who are we and where do we come from? We Dutch are a powerful and down-to-earth trading people and often in search of our spiritual identity. Beneath our famous VOC golden age of plunder, lies a forgotten era of indigenous powers. A world of wizards and magic, reaching as far as ancient Atlantis. We open ourselves to the unwritten history and dive into the eon-old story of the Frisians.

West - Avalon Energies for Today

by Sharon Healey

The ancient energies of Avalon are coming through the veil, what does it mean for us today? In this lecture/sharing Sharon will explain how the old energies of Avalon were lost to humans as the planet's vibration decreased and as the planet's vibration has risen Avalon can now be part of the planet once again and how this affects our way of living on the planet.

The Ancient Prophecy of Avalon: When the lady from the stars comes carrying water. Avalon will arise again in the New World.

Join us!

Date: August the 1th
Location: Land van Een, Rysloane 5 te Surhuizum, Friesland
Capacity: Only a total of 50 tickets available

Doors open at 9.30 am. Ceremonial start at 10.00. Workshops start at 10.30 am.
Two workshops before lunch, and two after lunch.
We finish at 17.15 pm.
Closing ceremony at 17.30.

Additional information

Please follow the parking instructions when you arrive.
Check in after parking, at the info desk, before entering the workshop location.
Bring your own plate, cup and cutlery, and a camping chair, plaid or cushion to sit on during the day.

Location: Land van Een, Rysloane 5, Surhuizum (Friesland)

Want to stay overnight?

If you want to stay overnight, please contact Land van Een (info@landvaneen.nl) for information, price and possibilities.
We offer a full day on the 1st of August. If you camp at Land van Een, make sure you bring your own breakfast and diner.

Whispering of the Wind

Only €99 per ticket