Unwritten History

An energetic journey into our roots

We Dutch people seem to have no heritage. What is our origin? Interested in the Native American traditions, Maya teachings and the religions of India, we are being triggered in finding our own roots.

What are those roots? Can we still track it down? How far do we need to go back to find our original heritage?

Unwritten History

The 13 Wizards Tribes of Western Europe
(from Frisian perspective)

The victors write history, so a lot of information is lost with every shift of power. Within a few generations, truths can turn into myths. With that blurring of facts, our roots became clouded. The storylines of our tribes have been broken, and with it our connection to our origins. 

But nothing has been lost, all stories, knowledge, songs, languages and tribes have been preserved. Stored in the stones, passed through the trees. The process of awakening and retrieving information has begun. Exactly what this program is about.

We take you on a journey, in which we gradually expose more and more of our history. Besides informative, you travel energetically in unraveling the hidden past. So that you build up a distinction between personal themes and those of your ancestors or the collective. 

Step into this field of transformation and healing.
And empower more and more of the tribe, you originate from.

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What this journey offers you

We, Jan Pieter and Frederieke van der Lijn, engage in a conversation in a accessible, homey feeling atmosphere. We both have Frisian roots and a background in shamanism, which contributes a energetic field of healing, insight and transformation. And this goes further, beyond the moment of our recorded conversations. We create together in a sacred space, which strenghtens the healing for ourselves, our ancestors and the collective field.

Frederieke van der Lijn

Frisian in origin, Frederieke senses when speaking in the Frisian language, the hidden layers of ancient wisdom. The lost Frisian origin seeks a way to the present time. As well as many other ancient indigenous peoples that see their origins fade. During an initiation in a ceremony within a Native American tradition setting, Frederieke received the inner call to share the stories and traditions of the ancestors. This has organically found its way into her ancestral regression and reincarnation work. And also in ‘Ancient wisdom – New awarness where the stories, wisdom and original traditions of indigenous peoples are shared.

Jan Pieter Schreur

Jan Pieter has a background in Inka shamanism. Since meeting the Q’eros shamans from Peru, he has slowly begun to explore his own roots. He came into contact with a field of ancient ancestors, who have waited a long time for their voices to be heard. From this field he is a portal, and he contributes to unravel the indigenous history of the Netherlands, but also of other countries and tribes. When he speaks he not only shares words but he also activates fields. Hidden parts and dimensions that lie within us, are ready to be touched.

Join us to discover the -Unwritten History, Part 1 - Frisia

Unwritten History

The 13 Wizards Tribes of Western Europe

There are 3 races living in Europe, which are again divided into 13 tribes. This voyage of discovery is about the collective of wizard tribes. Scotland, Ireland, but also older tribes such as the Gaul, Cathars and Frisians.

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Frederieke and Jan Pieter are neither historians. We cannot therefore scientifically or archaeologically prove that what we are discussing actually happened. What we do is read the energy of certain times. Because we do this from our reference framework, and unconscious information, we can translate certain layers differently than actually happened. That is why names, places and events can differ from reality. What is real is the energy. It opens the moment we open the space. Therefore, feel and extract your own truth. Fill the gaps with your own knowledge and background, so that we weave the times together.