The story of Pouakai & Tohora

The Eagle - the see-er of all worldly events
The Whale - the wisdom carrier of all knowledge

“Ancient Guardians – Kaitiaki – trying to reach us, calling out to those who listen, appearing in dreams to awaken us, warn us, ask for our help. To protect all life on Earth.

The strongest connections are those who come to us through a natural flow. Guided by the ancient ones, gifted with sincere and pure intention. To give and receive from soul to soul. To bring our medicine together, embracing the magic of creation, growing spiritual awareness. 

Understanding the depth of Being.”

How it all started...

When Toroa and Frederieke met, an old bloodline came into vibration. Ancestors knew it was time to open up some stories that where ready to be revealed. A humble experience to meet the spirits of Pouakai and Tohora. In intens, vivid dreams they gave messages Frederieke didn’t ‘quit’ understand yet. With the help of Toroa,his wisdom and strong, authentic connection with his ancestral lineage and indigenous culture, the messages became clear. Deepened and found their way in our conversations from springtime until autumn of 2021. 

Both are grateful for the connection with Pouakai and Tohora, to ‘translate’ the energies, the images and the feelings that they love to share with you.

Toroa Aperahama

Being the first surviving grandchild, Toroa was raised from birth by his Beloved Grandmother Te Wharehua, and along with 6 of his elders, was taught and trained in the ancient traditions of his Culture. Including the times of pre settlement of Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Today he is known as…Kaiwhakaiiro – Traditional Carver-, Manu Korero – Talking Bird-, Storyteller and Kai Haka -Haka Teacher. And many other mantles that are not spoken of. He is also the Record Keeper of his family line, dating back to approximately 400AD.

His journey is not to ’teach’ his Culture, but by sharing his knowledge, reconnect the People of other lands with their own ancient cultures.


“I have the greatest weapon and I use it every opportunity I get… to throw the Spear of Love… it never misses ♥” – Toroa Aperahama (2020)

Tihei Mauri Ora – Behold, there is Life 


Frederieke Karin van der Lijn

Frederieke is a licensed Pastlife Regression Therapist, learning and seeking through the connection with the spirit of animals and the ancestral lineages to discover the deeper realms of ancient wisdom, spiritual awareness and creation. 

She walks her path by talking to indigenous wisdom keepers, spiritual teachers, animals and entering the dreamworld guided by the spirits of animals and ancestors. She shares their and her personal stories in her online summits and programs, in wisdom circles and workshops.

As a person she is sensitive to energies, strong connected to the elements of life. Authentic, focussed and clearsentience at the same time. Through her Frisian blood (and via her mothers lineage many generations back, with the Maori) she feels connected with and loves to be in nature, spending time in silence, with her loved ones and by herself. 

What we offer

A video package with 9 video’s with the stories of Pouakai & Tohora

The story of Pouakai & Tohora

A co-creation of Maori elder Toroa Aperahama, -raised in the original Maori tradition-, and Frederieke van der Lijn, from Frisian origin. 

The stories of Pouakai and Tohora have not been revealed before. 

Messages of Pouakai and Tohora for our future and future generation.

Includes two unique meditations that guide you in connecting with Pouakai and Tohora. 

Oudewijsheid – Nieuwbewustzijn donates 10% from the sales to a foundation that focusses on saving whales. 

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